Understanding issues impacting young people and making decisions to address them in the best way is not an easy task. To assist adults, teachers, youth serving organizations in this capacity, LaMarr Darnell Shields has developed a series of one-day workshops/seminars. 

These workshops aim to raise awareness and enhance providers’ understanding of opportunities, best practice examples and resources available to assist their organization in engaging young people.  

LaMarr’s interactive workshops and books and curricula provide opportunities for youth and adults to draw from their own knowledge and to supplement this knowledge with honest information, enabling them to make their own choices. In addition, the workshops also engage young people in role plays and other dynamic activities, so that they leave the workshops not just with textbook knowledge, but with the experience of acting on that knowledge. 

Below is a partial listing of seminars and workshops offered by LaMarr: 

•Hip Hop and Politics: Understanding the Potential of the Hip Hop Generation
• 10 Steps Out of Puberty
• The Identity Crisis: It’s Okay To Be You
• Goal Setting: Face Your Future With Confidence
• The Healing Journey Into Self Discovery
• From Boys to Men: The Journey into Manhood
• The Girl Next Door: The Journey Into Womanhood from a Man’s Perspective
• Balance Living for Teen Parents
• The Blueprint of Leadership: From the Classroom to the Board
• Civic Engagement: Everybody Can Be Great!
• The Apprentice: The Entrepreneur in YOU
• Helpful Tools to Motivate the Unmotivated
• The Real Deal About College Hill: Prepare Students for Success
• How to Communicate More Effectively

• Shut UP and Listen! How to Effectively Communicate with Your Children and Your Children's School
• Engaging Boys of Color
• Reaching Disconnected Parents
• The Secrets of Resilient Youth
• Keys to Quality Youth Development
• Recruitment and Retention of Youth: Recruiting Strategies for Youth Workers
• Creating Youth-Adult Partnerships
• Over Troubled Waters: Bridging The Generation Gap
• Helpful Tools to Motivate the Unmotivated
•The Skin We’re In: Diversity 101
• Using Hip Hop as Tool of Engagement
• Tools for Dealing with Youth In Crisis
• How to Communicate More Effectively
• Mentor Recruitment Strategies
• Engaging Boys of Color
• Angry and Adolescent
• Keys to Effective Classroom Management
•Diversity 101: Becoming A Global Educator